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Speedway Signs has the capability to produce all sorts of custom stickers, labels, decals, and overlays. If it is big or small... for your car, truck, boat, bracket, window, etc... we can produce it!


We have a large list of services and capabilities that we handle. But fear not, as we are not limited to this list:


  • Vehicle Decal Sets
  • Bumper Stickers
  • 5s graphic products
  • Business Graphics & Design
  • Storefront Stickers
  • Posters & Informational Vinyls
  • Wall Vinyls & Lettering
  • Product Labels
  • Warning/Hazard Signs
  • Window Decals
  • Custom Graphic Stickers
  • Protective Films and Overlays
  • One way vision films/Perforated films
  • Custom barcoding now available!
  • Machinery Labels






We offer custom polycarbonate labels in many styles and colors. If you need a set of overlays for a large order or just a one time custom job, we can produce it.


Custom Overlays -

Key Board Overlays -

Machine Controls -

Number Pads -






Car, boat, motorcycle, plane, scooter, tricycle...

Vehicle vinyls are the best means of advertisement when you are out on the road, water or even air. We will make custom vinyl stickers for your vehicle using our vehicle matching technology to garuntee size and placement. That means we are able to do all panel pieces, windows, and bumper stickers. Sorry, we are unable to do full vehicle wraps at this time, decals only :-(


Vinyls provide a 3-5 year lifetime

3000 average impressions per hour!






Any shape, any color for your quantity!


Die cut stickers are a very popular way to advertise your logo or just simple artwork wherever you want. The die cut technology allows the typeface and/or logo to be individualy cutout. This technology gives the sticker a clean appeareance when applied to just about any surface.






On and off with ease...


Long lasting magnetic vinyl stickers are very flexible and tough. These are well suited for vehicle signs that can be easily removed and placed on another.

  • 19 or 24 mil. magnetic material per request




Big or small... circular, rectangular or even tear dropped...


Who wants a boring square graphic?... we can make a custom, creative and unique sticker shape using our advanced cutting systems.






How tuff is tuff? We will give you the protection you need!


Our stickers are guaranteed to last with our durable Lexan films. Also, ask us for our abrasion guard finish for extra protection when needed. If you need an overlay for your control or a sticker that will be seeing constant sun and weather, it will last for many years. They have been tested to outlast indoor and outdoor environments and even under UV exposure.


Material Properties

Abrasion Resistant -

Water Resistant -

High-Bond Adhesive -






Solid prints, gradients, flourscents, even glow-in-the-dark!


We have a in-house pantone matching system, so if you are looking for a certain color, we can certainly match it up. We have thousands of colors to choose from; the options are endless with our custom solid colors, metallics, fluorescents, pastels, mattes, and even glow-in-the-dark foils and vinyls.


(Graphic Color List)